10 Ways To Get Rid Of Breast Cysts

Breasts of women are life giver for thousands of new born babies. They also help increase the beauty and looks for women. Hence it is important to keep breasts in good conditions at all points of time which could help to get rid of cysts. However, with age there are bound to have complications and therefore it is important to examine breast and be on the lookout for right ways and means by which it is possible. As a woman you should be careful about the changes In the shape of the reason which might happen. A cyst in breast could be one of the most common reasons for changes in the shape of the breast, however small it might be.

Therefore it is important to find out ways and means which it is possible to identify problems in the breast which could be a cause of concern over a period of time. Cysts are a common problem in many women and they cause breast cyst pain. They generally become swollen during menstruation and the pain also is quite evident during this period. This mainly happens when there is increased hormone activity. Hence over the next few lines we will try and find out the various points to be kept in mind whenever there is a need to identify the cysts and try to remove it as early as possible

1. Self Examination

The first step is to understand the importance of going through regular physical self-examination. There are many ways and means by which the self examination can be made. This will help in finding out the presence or absence of cysts on breasts. Once they are found out the next step is to get in touch with the doctor and rule out the risk of the cysts being malignant in nature. Once it has been found out that the cyst is benign and not malignant with the help of biopsy and other examination, the next step would be to find out natural ways and means by which it can be removed. Let us have a look at the same over the next few lines.

2. Diet Control

Diet control is considered to be one of the simplest and best methods by which one can remove cysts naturally. This may however not be effective for all but works on most women. Avoiding caffeinated drinks, cutting down on intake of chocolate and various other types of energy drinks could be tried out. Staying away from cola and other drinks could also be helpful. This is because these drinks lead to water retention in the body. This is because they have diuretic properties. Hence moving over to a diet which is free from caffeine could perhaps be effective.

3. Reduce Salt Intake

Another wonderful way to reduce the intake of a painful breast cyst is to reduce the intake of salt and sodium. Salt is also known to lead to retention of fluids and water in the body and can lead to aggravation of the cysts. Hence there are many studies which have proven that reducing salt intake could lead to better management and even natural breast cyst removal.

breast cysts

4. Use Primrose

Use of evening primrose could also be an effective and good way to remove cysts from breasts. There are many instances where regular consumption of evening primrose supplements or primrose oil could be very useful. This is of the presence of a compound called gamma linolenic acid in primrose oil. It has the potential to prevent breast cysts. You should get in touch with your gynecologist or even with herbal specialists to know more about it.

5. Wear Supportive Bras

Wearing supportive bras can also be helpful in managing and even keeping cysts in breasts at bay. If you leave the breast free during the night and during periods, it is quite possible that the pain could be aggravated. Hence you must make it a point to wear protective bras.

6. Eat Vegetables

There are also some vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli which could also be useful in keeping breast cysts under control. This is because they belong to the cruciferous groups of vegetables. They contain natural forms of estrogen which can be quite helpful in controlling pain and also tenderness of the breasts and also prevent formation of cysts.

7. Vitamin Therapy

There are also many vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin E which also could play a big role in breast cyst removal. They must be taken into right quantities and you must get in touch with the doctor to select and recommend the right dosage for you. They must be taken for limited periods of time, stopped and then continued to prevent side effect.

8. OTC Painkillers

There are also many over the counter pain relievers which are also quite effective in controlling pain associated with cysts in the breasts. However, you must not make these painkillers a regular habit because it could lead to many side effects. They must be taken only for a few days and that too only under the advice and prescription of a physician or doctor.

9. Hot Compression Of Natural Oils

Iodine rich food could also help in reducing the size of breast cysts and also help in their removal. Deficiency of iodine levels will make the thyroid gland dysfunctional. Going thorough iodine treatment could help a lot in overcoming the problem of breast cysts. However, iodine must be taken only under the guidance and counsel of your doctor. Overdoing it could lead to more problem.

10. Stop Popping Birth Control Pills

Taking of birth control pills could also lead to the problem of cyst pain in the breasts. Therefore it is important to taken only under the guidance and prescription of doctors. This is because when one takes birth control pills there are many hormonal secretions and other such related activities which will take place. Excess secretion can aggravate the situation and lead to various other complications apart from leading to cysts in the breast.

Pros and Cons

While there is no doubt that there are many advantages in trying out the above steps when it comes to managing cysts naturally, you must know where the draw the line. These methods could be useful for one or two cysts but if there are quite a few you must seek medical attention and should not brush the thing under the carpet. This could lead to problems and using some oral medicines mentioned above could lead to more problems than solutions.
Hence if you look around the internet and other sources of information you will be able to come across dozens of such natural ways and means by which you can get rid of breast cysts naturally. Once it is removed, you must make changes to your lifestyle to prevent it from coming over and over again.

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