10 Ways to Get Rid of Bronchitis Fast

Simpsons One of the serious health conditions that can definitely be bothersome for a lot of people, especially to young children and old folks, is bronchitis. This condition causes a very serious inflammation of the windpipe that it also affects the chest, as well as the bronchial tube.

Bronchitis is ubdivided into two types – it can either be chronic or acute. Wherein, acute bronchitis is the type that lasts for a very short period of time and only affects the trachea and the larynx. On the other hand, chronic bronchitis is more severe, as it’s characterized by chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes, as well as the larynx. Fortunately, there are several ways on how to get rid of bronchitis fast and we’re going to discuss some of those.

1. Stay Away From Irritants

Cold air and pollution would definitely make your bronchitis worse. Although it’s impossible to completely eradicate these pollutants, you can still try avoiding them. For example, if you’re a smoker, stop smoking or stay away from others who smoke. Smoking is bad for the health, especially to those who have been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis– it will just make your condition worse. Also, whenever you’re going to be exposed to anything with a strong smell, such as household cleaners, paint, perfume, and potent fumes, always wear a face mask.

2. Use a Humidifier

If you’re suffering from bronchitis, turn your humidifier on whenever you’re going to sleep. Warm, moist air would loosen up the mucus in your airways and it’ll be easier for you to breathe, allowing you to experience instant relief.

The humidifier should be cleaned regularly, because the fungi and bacteria can grow inside the container holding the water and this would distribute itself. Something like this can just make your bronchitis more severe.

3. It’s Very Important to Stay Hydrated

Whenever we’re sick, it’s very important to ensure that we keep ourselves well hydrated in order for the body to function properly. Drinking at least 8 ounces of water every two hours is highly recommended for this. Furthermore, staying hydrated is a great way to loosen congestion while maintaining proper bodily functions at the same time.

However, if the attending physician has restricted your fluid intake because of medical complications, then you have no choice, but to follow his instructions instead. The fluid you’re going to drink should be water or low-calorie drinks, because it’s not healthy to take a lot of calories as well. Warm lemon water, juice, clear broth, are some of the good fluid options that you can consider. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine, because these two act as diuretic, which means you’d just lose more water.

get rid of bronchitis

4. Don’t Rely on Cough Medicine

Over-the-counter cough syrup should only be taken upon supervision or when the cough has already become very disruptive that it starts to negatively affect your life. Under normal circumstances, there’s a number of natural remedies that you can try to alleviate coughing and enjoy instant relief.

5. Take a Sip of Onion Juice

Onions are one of the best remedies for bronchitis mainly because of the expectorant properties present in them. This liquifies the phlegm and prevents it from coming back. To experience instant relief, all you have to do is take a teaspoon of onion juice and drink it after waking up.

6. Enjoy the Wonders of Ginger Juice

A combination of clove, ginger juice, and pepper could also alleviate the symptoms of bronchitis. All you have to do is take a teaspoon of this concoction three times a day to enjoy its benefits. However, you can also drink this mixture with your favorite cup of herbal tea or lick it with honey– whatever you are comfortable with. This is considered as one of the best home remedies for bronchitis as it relieves bronchitis effectively. Also, what’s good about this natural remedy is the fact that it could also improve one’s metabolism.

7. Emulsion of Almonds

Are you aware that consuming an emulsion of almonds could help in getting rid of bronchitis fast? Don’t worry, this is very easy to prepare. All you have to do is crush a few kernels of almonds until it turns into powder and add it in a glass of orange or lemon juice. This should be taken at least once a day to enjoy its benefits.

8. Linseed Pollutice

Linseed is also great for bronchitis, and if you apply a poultice of linseed over the back and front side of your chest, you can enjoy instant relief from the symptoms of bronchitis. Don’t worry, preparing a poultice of linseed isn’t that hard at all. You just have to take a cup of linseeds and a cup of hot water, combine the two and let it boil until it turns into a moist mass. Apply the mixture twice a day before going to bed.

9. Infusion of Sesame Seeds, Honey, and a Pinch of Salt

By combining sesame seeds, a pinch of salt, honey, and linseed, you can create an infusion that would help in treating your bronchitis. Furthermore, you can also consume a teaspoon of sesame seeds followed by water and this would provide an instant relief.

10 . Castor Leaves

Just take several leaves of castor plant and put these in a pan. The leaves should be roasted for a couple of minutes and let them cool. After that, apply the leaves on your chest and keep them overnight. The next morning, you’ll be able to find instant relief and would be glad you have tried this remedy.

Friendly Reminders:

  • Bronchitis should never be ignored. Even mild illness could be a huge concern, especially in older individuals. This holds true especially if the person is sick with another disease.
  • There are a number of reasons why you can be affected with bronchitis. It’s very important to familiarize yourself with them in order to be able to avoid it.
  • There will be instances where a doctor will advise that you take an antibiotic if he suspects you have an infection. This can also be helpful in treating your problem.
  • Always do some research first before trying any herbal remedies.
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