6 Ways to Get Rid of Clogged Ears

A congested ear can be quite uncomfortable.People who have an allergy or a cold and feel their ears full can relate to this discomfort.Ear congestion may last for just a few seconds or sometimes up to a few days.It is such a frustrating feeling that can be rather troublesome.

A clogged ear is mostly caused by an obstruction of the eustachian tube.When the eustachian tube cannot open and close perfectly, you will feel discomfort and a feeling of congestion in the ears.But there is good news! There are so many ways to unclog ears from congestion.Here are some of the easy ways to clear off your ears.

1. The Valsalva Maneuver

The main idea behind the Valsalva maneuver is to apply pressure to the eustachian tube by exhaling slowly.This is a method to relieve ear congestion by breathing out through the nostrils while the mouth remains closed.You will first take a deep breathe then pinch your nose.Now, breath out slowly through your nose while your mouth is closed.This will equalize the pressure in your ears and relieve ear congestion.Hearing a popping sound will be a good indication that your ears have been decongested.Be gentle in blowing to prevent any damages to your ear drum.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar and Alcohol

A nice blend of apple cider vinegar and alcohol can be used for ear congestion relief.You will first mix alcohol and vinegar together in equal proportions.This mixture contains antibacterial properties that will fight off any infections that may have caused the congestion.Then you will lie down with your head inclined slightly to one side.Use a dropper to put a few drops of the mixture into the affected ear.Keep lying down for some time with your head still inclined to one side.You will then feel relief in your ears, and you can then drain out the mixture.

clogged ears

3. Take a Steamy Warm Shower

Heat is the best way to ease congestion and unclog your ears.You will need to take a hot shower and try to keep your ears submerged in the hot water.Be careful to avoid excessive heat that may cause risk to your ears.Tilt your head and breath in and out severally.Inhaling and exhaling will help in equalizing the pressure in your ears.The steam from the warm water is an excellent way to get rid of a sinus clogged ear.You can then rub your affected ear using your palms until you relieve the congestion in the ears.

4. Salt Water Gargle

Hot water gargle is an excellent remedy to relieve ear congestion.You will first mix one teaspoon of salt with hot water in a glass.Make sure the water is just hot enough not to burn your mouth.Gargle the warm solution for a few seconds before spitting it out.Several studies have shown that gargling warm salt water for many times a day will flush out bacteria and provide ear congestion relief.A salt water mouth rinse is a powerful remedy that will most times offer you immediate relief.

5. Homemade Nasal Spray

Sinus infection is a major cause of ear inflammation that causes your ears to block.If the reason for your congested ear is a sinus infection, a nasal spray will offer the perfect remedy.Nasal sprays are common decongestants that clear the sinuses and provide ear congestion relief.You can make nasal spray at home using baking soda, non-iodized salt, and hot water.You will need a dropper to put a few drops through your nostrils while inclining your head.Repeat this until you relieve the congestion in ears.

6. Medication

In case you still experience ear congestion and sinuses after trying all the above remedies, you will need to try out a medical solution.Antihistamine and other medical ear decongestants can be obtained over the counter.These medications will relieve the pain, clear your sinuses and fight off any infections.You can also seek advice from professional pharmacists on what medications will reduce the pressure in your ears.If there are signs of a persistent sinus infection, antibiotics will be helpful.

Other Useful Tips:

● Avoid extremely hot temperatures especially when your ear congestion is due to sinuses.
● Avoid sleeping when the airplane is descending.
● Drink warm soups and beverages to reduce congestion in ears.
● Eat hot foods that have spices to decongest your ears.
● Clean your ears regularly
● Avoid swimming or diving when you have a cold.

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