6 Ways To Get Rid Of Dry Throat

A dry throat is very irritating and hence the sooner you get rid of it, the better. When it comes to dealing with a sore throat, natural remedies have always been in the lead. Here is a list of six ways and recommendations to help you overcome the annoyance and pain of a dry throat.

1. Steaming

Steam therapy decongests and moisturizes your throat. To use this dry throat remedy, you need to pour some boiling water into a pot or bowl and lower your head over it while placing a towel over your head. By doing this, the steam gets directed towards your mouth and nose so that you can inhale it. You could also steam as you take a bath by closing all the windows and doors and then pouring hot water into the bathroom. For optimum results, do this for about fifteen minutes several times in a day.

2. Honey

According to various studies, honey can work more efficiently even than the over the counter medications in calming a dry throat cough. It is a rich humectant and natural moisturizing agent that coats and soothes the irritated mucous membranes. To keep your throat from getting tickly and scratchy, take organic honey with a cup of warm water, 2-3 times daily. You can also blend a tablespoon of vinegar, honey and 8 ounces of hot water. If a cough disrupts your sleep, take this remedy before you go to bed and you will be good to go.

3. Salt Water Gargle

Salt is known to hamper the blooming of various disease-causing germs. Use it to rinse your mouth and throat to relieve irritation and dryness. To prepare this remedy, you need 1-2 teaspoons of salt and a glass of warm water. Mix the salt into the water until it dissolves completely, and gargle for about 30-60 seconds before spitting the liquid and rinsing with fresh water. In the case of a post nasal drip, consider gargling more often like once in every hour.

get rid of dry throat

4. Citrus/ Orange Juice

Citrus juice can also help you deal with your dry sore throat. Citrus fruits are good sources of vitamin C which is an excellent antioxidant that boosts your immune system as well as preventing cold and nasal blockage which tend to make your throat dry. Squeeze out your citrus fruit (such as an orange) and add the juice to a glass of warm water and drink it. To add taste to the mixture, you can use a tablespoon of honey. The good thing about this remedy is that it gives you an immediate moisturizing effect.

5. Water

Warm water helps replenish the lost moisture in your throat thereby reducing pain and discomfort. It also prevents itching and irritation by soothing the throat and moisturizing it. While some people find relief with warm water, others rely on cold and nonalcoholic beverages. You can also suck on ice cubes or ice pops to relieve your sore throat, but if they cause irritation, try using small chips and let them melt in your mouth.

6. Humidifying the air

Most people use heaters during the cold months. This reduces the room’s humidity level, leading to the drying and irritation of the throat. Since dry nostrils are more susceptible to viruses, the dry air worsens a sore throat. A cold and warm humidifier can help you moisturize the air in your room so that you relieve your dry throat. If you don’t have one, leave a bowl of water near a heat source to allow the water evaporate slowly and humidify the room at the same time.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a dry cough and sore throat

What to do:

  • Eat healthy foods (fruits and vegetables)
  • Use safe over the counter medication, including antihistamines, pain relievers, and decongestants
  • Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated
  • Rest enough to give your body’s immune system time to recharge
  • Limit your talking time, so as to rest your voice

What to avoid:

  • Eating a lot of dairy foods such as chocolate
  • Vitamin C. It helps reduce the duration of cold symptoms, but there is no evidence to support its effectiveness after you develop a cold
  • Yelling or whispering
  • Antibiotics because they only treat bacterial infections and not viruses
  • Drinking Caffeinated or pop beverages
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