10 Ways to Get Rid Of Heartburn During Pregnancy Fast

When you are pregnant the hormone progesterone which is a muscle relaxant will increase in your body. The hormone is responsible in relaxing all muscles in the body as a way of preparing for child birth. Remember during pregnancy the uterus muscles will relax for easy child birth.

The esophagus muscles can as well relax; this makes it easy for food to escape back hence causing heartburn. As the baby develops, he will occupy more space which will push the stomach upwards hence increasing chances of heartburn. Heartburn is felt as burning sensations just behind the breastbone.

1) Eat Almonds

Almond has high levels of oil which are very helpful in soothing and neutralizing the acid levels in the stomach. You will easily get rid of the disturbing hearth burn during pregnant by eating the almonds regularly. Almond has other health benefits to your body which will help you stay healthy during your pregnancy.

2) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can easily cure heartburn during pregnancy due to its anti-inflammatory properties. You should consider taking aloe Vera mixed with other fruits because taking it directly is discouraged during pregnancy. You can consult a doctor for direction on how you can use aloe Vera to heartburn relief during pregnancy. Aloe Vera mixed with water can as well help in reducing the development of heartburn.

3) Drink Coconut Water

Coconut water can act as a natural acid neutralizer. This will soothe your esophagus hence helping in your process of trying to relief the heartburn sensation. You can make a habit of drinking coconut water regularly if you will like to control the burning sensation which is making you uneasy.

heartburn during pregnancy

4) Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are very effective in helping you get rid of heart burns. You should take 2 to 3 teaspoons of crushed fennel seeds when pregnant. The seeds should be boiled in water for about 10 minutes before you can drink the strain. Just take a cup of water and add crushed fennel seeds after which you will heat and strain them to obtain the fluid part which you will then drink.

5) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very helpful when trying to achieve heartburn relief during pregnancy. It helps in stimulating the stomach and pancreas to release bicarbonates. The bicarbonate is very helpful in neutralizing the acid produced as well as soothing the stomach. The preparation process is very easy, just take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and mix with about a glass of water and drink. Each time you start developing symptoms of heartburn you can turn to the solution. It has been tried by many mothers and the results which they got were great.

6) Eat Papaya

Papaya has enzymes which are very helpful in digestion. The enzymes help soothe the stomach as well as promoting healthy acidic environment in the stomach. You can buy ripe papayas and eat them when you are pregnant. They will make you feel better even if the heartburn was spoiling your day. If accessing ripe papaya is hard, you can as well buy ripe papaya extract tablets and chew them. Eating a ripe papaya followed by chewing gum has been proved to be among the best ways you can use to get rid of heartburn when pregnant.

7) Eat Ginger

Ginger is a natural antacid which is very effective in getting rid of heart burns. You can take ginger when raw and eat it or cook before eating. If you consider eating ginger is hard, you can prepare it in tea and drink the fluid. Ginger has been used for many years in getting rid of the heart burn problems in pregnant mothers.

heartburn during pregnancy

8) Milk with Honey

Milk and honey can play a great role in your struggle to get rid of heartburn during early pregnancy. Milk and honey has soothing property which will aid digestion hence reduce chances of acid build up which will affect you inform of heart burns. In order to achieve great results, take a glass of warm milk and add a tablespoon of honey. After adding honey stir so that they will mix well before you drink. The solution is sweet and easy to drink. Honey has a lot of health benefits, apart from getting rid of heart burn it will help you in staying healthy during your pregnancy.

9) Slippery Elm

Elm is very helpful in storing heartburn during pregnancy. It acts by absorbing excess acids in the stomach. It also reduces inflammation by preventing inflammation of the lining of gastrointestinal tract. Just take a teaspoon of powdered elm and add to two cups of boiling water. Leave the mixture for about few minutes so that elm ingredients will seep out. After the mixture has settled, just add honey till it tastes your favorite and drink. You can as well try slippery Elm lozenges if preparing the solution is not convenient for you.

10) Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL)

The medical herb is obtained from licorice. The herb contains anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce heartburn. You can chew gums of the herb or just take tablets each time you develop heartburn during your pregnancy.

Other Method Of Getting Rid Of Heartburn During Pregnancy

  • Increase your intake of low fat milk and other dairy products
  • Eat ice creams
  • Try chewing basil leaves
  • Eat fermented foods
  • Increase your intake of whole grain foods
  • Drink a lot of water and other fluids regularly
  • Avoid wearing skin tight clothes which will exert pressure on the stomach
  • Chew gum after food to increase saliva flow to the stomach
  • Eat food steadily and slowly when pregnant
  • Avoid smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol
  • Try to reduce the amount of baking soda in your diet
  • Try to bend at the knees level instead of bending at the waist level
  • Try to avoid stress to improve your health as well as health of your baby
  • Try to keep your weight at check. Maintaining the right weight will improve your health as well as the death of your baby.
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10 Ways to Get Rid of Heartburn While Pregnant Fast


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