6 Ways To Get Rid Of Insomnia

Insomnia or sleeplessness is a major health challenge and therefore it is important to treat as early as possible and as effectively as possible. There could be many reasons behind insomnia and therefore identifying the root cause is important to get rid of insomnia. Over the next few lines we will try and have a look at the various ways by which this is possible.

However, as mentioned earlier, it would not be appropriate to treat the symptoms alone. The root of the problem has to be addressed failing which the problem could keep on recurring again and again. Depending on sedatives and sleeping tablets is not recommended. However, there are some safe and natural ways by which the problem of insomnia can be addressed.

1. Bathing Before Sleeping

Taking a refreshing bath with lukewarm water before going to bed could help a lot in overcoming problems associated with insomnia. It helps a lot in relaxing muscles and also soothes nerves. It is however, important to ensure that the bathing is done at least 30 to 45 minutes before sleeping. Delaying it too much or hastening it too fast may not have the desired results. Adding few drops of lavender oil, and Epson salts can help.

2. Music Can Help

Music is a fantastic muscle relaxant and stress reliever. It can certainly help in overcoming insomnia caused by stress and tension. If the music can be played when you are under the shower can perhaps have a much better impact. According the various research papers it has been proven time and again that a combination of music and shower can have wonderful impact. It is specifically suitable for older women and adult males and even adolescents can benefit out of it. It is similar to making a baby sleep singing lullabies. It is one of the simplest and easy forms to get rid of insomnia.

3. Electronics And Insomnia

If you could stop using electronics in your bedroom it could help a lot in overcoming insomnia. This is because the EMFs generated by them (electromagnetic fields) could play a big role in interrupting cycles of sleep. It could also lead to fatigue, weaknesses, muscle pain, rapid heartbeats, and allergies and so on. Hence turning away these electronic apparatuses can certainly help a lot.

get rid of insomnia

4. Giving Time Between Dinner And Sleep

Another great way to get rid of insomnia is to give adequate time between dinner and sleep. As a rule of the thumb the difference should be between three to five hours. The more the time gap one gives, the better it will be to overcome this problem. This is again a time tested and proven way by which insomnia can be overcome naturally.

5. Be Sure That Your Bed Is Comfortable

Simple things like an uncomfortable bed could also cause sleeplessness and insomnia. Hence it would not be a bad idea to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. It would be advisable to avoid direct light falling on your face. Switch off AC lights while sleeping because it could help in overcoming problems associated with insomnia.

6. Thermal Insulated Curtains

Darkness is one of the best ways to get a good sleep and those suffering from insomnia could try putting thermal insulated curtain on their windows and doors. Apart from preventing infiltration of life it also has a thermal impact. This has again been researched and found to be effective and therefore is time tested.

Do’s And Don’ts


Meditating about thirty minutes before sleep can help in overcoming insomnia. Meditation plays a big role in overcoming stress and tension. It helps to soothe nerves and relaxes the brain.

Walking slowly for around 20 to 30 minutes after dinner is often considered to be one of the best ways to overcome problems associated with insomnia.


Never bring office work or business work home if absolutely essential. This leads to build up of unnecessary stress and tension which can easily be avoided.

Avoid things and actions which will lead to anxiety or tension before you go to bed. It takes lot of time for the mind to settle down again. This is one of the major reasons for insomnia. Simple things like listening to music and playing with your children can help a lot.

The above are some of the simplest and easiest ways by which insomnia can be treated. However in spite of the above if the condition persists, the underlying cause should be identified.

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