10 Ways To Get Rid Of Jock Itch Fast and Naturally

Jock itch can develop in individuals who experience excessive sweating, turn out to be obese or overweight, wear tight clothing and suffer from a weak immune system. The infection is characterized by constant itchiness, a slightly rough patch of reddish skin with hard edges, flaking skin and intensely burning sensations in the skin.

The issue might apparently seem quite grave, but with the right home remedies, treating it is no big hassle at all. So here are a couple of guidelines that’ll surely help you to evade jock itch easily.

1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can turn out to be an excellent home remedy for treating jock itch. It is extremely good for your skin and by applying copious amounts of it; you can evade jock itch in a jiffy. In order to use apple cider vinegar, take a teaspoon of this vinegar and add it to a cup of lukewarm water. Now, gently apply the solution to the infected section and get it washed properly. Do not wipe that portion and let it to dry naturally. Doing this twice or thrice a day, can help you get rid of jock itch in a jiffy.

2. Apply Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is also highly viable in getting rid of jock itch in women. It is widely used for several skin infections and has been massively used for treating skin bacteria that cause discomfort to your body. Tea tree oil also ensures that the inflammation is reduced naturally and people don’t feel uncomfortable in any possible way.

get rid of jock Itch

3. White Vinegar

In order to use this supplement, make sure you have natural and a high quality variant of white vinegar. Now, gently take a cotton ball, dip it in the white vinegar solution and gently dab it on infected area. Do this twice on a daily basis to evade jock itch right away.

4. Taking Salt Bath

Taking a salt bath for thirty minutes a day can also treat jock itch. Take the bath twice a day for viable results.

5. Dab Alcohol

Well, one of the major reasons alcohol is viable in treating jock itch is simply because it makes that section dry. Since the bacteria causing this infection subsists in warm and moist areas, alcohol will turn out to be highly excellent as it will dry the specific area and help you treat the itch right away. In order to make this solution, find alcohol with high amounts of isopropyl. The more the amount, the better it’ll turn out to be. Generally, the highest amount of isopropyl found in alcohol is 90%. Now, after getting hold of the alcohol, dip a cotton ball in it. Now gently dab that cotton ball to the infected area. Do not wipe it in any way, because the alcohol will evaporate naturally. Do this twice to thrice a day for best results.

6. Apply Honey

You can also use honey on affected area. Dab the area with honey and keep it for 30 minutes. After this, wash it off with lukewarm water. Do this regularly for viable results.

7. Use Listerine

You might just be wondering how Listerine, a widely used mouthwash can be effective in treating jock itch. Well, the answer is simple. Listerine turns out to be effective because it easily gets rid of bacteria and fungi on infected area of your skin. In order to try this treatment, use a cotton ball, place Listerine in it and apply on affected area. Leave it for some time and do get it washed. Do this twice or thrice a day to treat female jock itch right away.

8. Use Onion Paste

Applying onion paste to the infected area can also treat jock itch effectively. Apply the paste and keep it for thirty minutes before washing it away. Do it twice a day for quick results.

9. Try Bleach

Applying bleach might initially intimidate you, as bleach is widely used for cleaning clothes and household utensils. Yet, bleach can turn out to be effective in treating jock itch as it contains certain properties that treat the infection right away. In order to follow this treatment, mix a very small amount of bleach in a cup of water. Now, soak the cup for about 10-15 minutes, considering the amount of time you think it should be soaked for. Do this every alternate day for visible and effective results.

10. Use Garlic

Garlic is highly viable in treating jock itch because of the anti-fungal properties it comes with. Likewise, it can also relive the affected area from constant itching. The pain caused from the inflammation can also be reduced by garlic. In order to try this supplement, crush a couple of garlic cloves and apply on infected area. Apply this paste for a few more minutes. Now gently wash it off with lukewarm water.

Do’s And Don’ts For Treating Jock Itch:


  • Use proper anti fungal treatment for getting rid of jock itch. If you’re applying a specific product, do not forget to read the pack instructions carefully.
  • Check out the different kinds of anti fungal treatments and finally try the one which is more appropriate for you.
  • Try to keep the area along your groin dry.
  • Keep yourself informed about proper hygiene and tinea prevention.
  • Seek medical help if you have recurring issues related to jock infection.


  • Don’t immediately stop using the anti fungal treatment as soon as the symptoms disappear. Follow the product instructions carefully.
  • Do not use moisturizer on infected area.
  • Do not forget that jock itch is a common infection. So, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.
  • Do not rub the affected area or touch wit with your hands.
  • Even if you get a strong itching sensation, avoid itching, the affected area.

Well, with these jock itch home remedy, you can effectively treat jock itch without any hassles. All that you have to do is alternatively try the solutions to check the one which works best for you. By following these guidelines regularly, you can easily treat this infection in a jiffy.

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