10 Ways to Get Rid Of Pinched Nerve in Neck

Pinched nerve in the neck is among the most painful experiences you can have. Pinched nerves in neck occur when bones in the neck press abnormally against the neck. There are several steps you can take to get rid of the pinched nerve. Poor nutrition is among the causes of pinched nerve.

You can easily prevent the condition from affecting you after you decide to stick to the right nutrition. The problem can expose you to a lot of pain which will make it very hard for you to concentrate in your daily activities. This makes it necessary to look for quick remedies after you are affected with the pinched nerve in your neck.

1. Get some Sleep

Your body will repair naturally after you sleep for enough hours. If you have developed pinched nerve in neck, you should take measures and sleep extra hours till the pain subsidies. When sleeping you will avoid movements of the neck, this will contribute towards your quick recovery. Make your beds as comfortable as possible and sleep. The pillow should offer the right support so that the neck will not be exposed to more pain.

2. Apply Ice

A pinched nerve on your neck will be accompanied by swelling. You will easily get rid of the swelling through application of cold. Take ice cubes and wrap in a piece of cloth. Apply on the affected area for about 3 minutes. Wait for 15 minutes then repeat the process till the pain stops. The ice will make the nerves to constrict hence reduce the pain which you will be feeling.

get rid of pinched nerve in neck ice

3. Get A Massage

You can easily reduce the pain which you are feeling on your neck after you resort to massage. Use essential oils to massage the neck. You can have someone who is close to you massage the area. The massage will relax the muscles in the adjacent area which will in effect help in relieving the pain. You should avoid heavy pressure massage because it can easily contribute to more pain. You can as well have full body massage to relax muscles from different parts of your body. This will help in relieving the pain to a large extent.

4. Perform Low-Impact Exercise

Low impact exercises are very helpful in healing your pinched nerve. The exercises will keep your blood circulation at check as well as toning the muscles. Common exercises which you can get involved in include swimming or walking. The low impact exercises will move your neck muscles naturally while minimizing the amount of stress on the neck. Inactivity will cause loss of muscle strength and can slow the healing process. Always keep good posture when exercising or resting. You should also check on your body weight if you will like to avoid pinched nerve in the future.

5. Increase Calcium Intake

Calcium deficiency is among the underlying factors of pinched nerves. Start eating more calcium if you will like to get rid of the pinched nerve. Common calcium foods you should start eating include dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt. You can as well try leafy greens such as kale and spinach. They are very helpful in improving your nerve and the overall health. You can as well buy calcium supplements from nearby stores to achieve quick relief from pinched nerve. When buying food, check to ensnare they are calcium fortified.

6. Eat More Foods With Potassium

Potassium is very necessary in cell metabolism. Lack of enough potassium in the body can lead to pinched nerve. Increasing your potassium intake will boost nerve function in the body hence help in reducing chances of the development of pinched nerves. Foods which are rich in potassium include apricots, avocados, bananas and nuts. Drinking skim milk and orange juice will increase potassium absorption in the body.

7. Apply Heat

Heat can be applied on the affected neck to relieve pinched nerve in neck. Just take a bottle of hot water and apply on the affected neck. The heat will encourage blood flow which will speed up the healing process. Avoid too much heating because it can lead to more inflammation. If applying a bottle of hot water is hard, you can as well take a hot bath to ease the pain on your neck region. Heat will increase blood flow which will eventually contribute towards quick recovery.

8. See A Physical Therapist

A therapist will guide you in specific stretches which will help strengthen the muscles in your neck region. There are certain exercises which he can apply to help you get rid of pressure on the neck region. If you will like to be assured of quick relief, always consult an experienced therapist who will guide you in doing guided exercises which will stretch your muscles and initiate the healing process. You can carry out background checks so that you will know the right therapist whom you can contact for the exercises. The therapist will take into consideration the pain and area where the pinched nerve is located to guide you accordingly.

9. Consider Epidural Steroid Injection

The treatment can alleviate the pain as well as healing the nerve. It involves steroid which is shot into the spine. The injection will offer you quick relief from your pinched nerve. The method should be carried out by a highly qualified professional. Always consult a qualified doctor before you try the treatment because failure to administer it well you can be exposed to adverse side effects. It is upon you to carry out background checks of the professional before you access services from him.

10. Take Medication

There are many over the counter medication which you can buy to get rid of the problem. Many over the counter medications will offer you quick relief from the pain which is associated with the pinched nerve on your neck. Common medications which can be used include ibuprofen and aspirin. You can ask for no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Always follow the instructions provided on the packs of the medication when using them. There are also warnings offered which you should also be careful with when using the medication.

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