10 Ways To Get Rid Of Sinus Pressure

Are you tired of battling the bothersome sinus pressure and the debilitating effects it brings? For those who suffer from sinusitis, experiencing this pressure is a miserable feeling to say the least. Sinus pressure is the feeling of tightness behind the eyes, in the face and the constant pounding of the head. It is accompanied by jaw pain, slow fever, nasal discharge etc. Sinuses are hollow sacs filled with air and are located behind the bones of your face parallel with the nose. This article provides insight on how to get rid of sinus pressure.

This pressure is caused by the inflammation of sinus lining which can lead to sinus pressure headache. As a result, the inflamed lining blocks free flow of air and mucus between the nasal passage and the sinus cavity causing sinus pressure. Common causes of this condition include smoking, swimming, a viral infection and allergies such as dust. This can also be in form of dust mite droppings which are likely to be found on the carpet especially if you have pets, and on the mattress, as dust mites thrive in an environment containing humidity, warmth and dead skin cells shed by the body.

1. Stay Hydrated

One should take as much hot liquids as they can such as water, soups and herbal teas. These not only provide a soothing feeling, but also provide the body with enough water to keep the nasal passages moist so that mucus comes out through them easily. If the sinus exits stay unblocked, then the pressure will also go.

2. Steam Inhalation

This can be done at least twice a day by directly inhaling the steam or taking a warm shower bath. In order to relieve the congestion quickly, you can add essential oils such as eucalyptus oil to the water.

3. Nasal Irrigation

This is done using a neti-pot. This is a vessel that looks like a tea pot and comes in handy to relieve sinus pressure by cleaning and irrigating the sinuses. This helps to keep the nasal cavities free from dried mucus. To do this, mix warm water and salt solution in the neti-pot, then while leaning forward over a sink, tilt your head to allow the water to flow into the upper nostril and exit via the lower nostril.

Repeat the process with the other nostril. Once you are done, blow your nose into a tissue to remove the excess water. When you do this, you are likely to see excess mucus and debris that have come loose.

get rid of sinus pressure

4. Regularly Blowing Your Nose

By blowing your nose several times, you get rid of infected mucous which tends to accumulate in the sinus cavity. This relieves sinus pressure in the head. It is especially effective when done after steam inhalation as the steam loosens mucus thus making it easy to clean it out.

5. Natural Face Packs

Make natural face packs using foods such as yogurt. To do this, apply a coat of yogurt around the eyes and on the forehead. When the first one dries up, apply a second coat. Lie down for about 10 minutes. This natural remedy provides instant sinus pressure relief.

6. Take Horseradish

Taking a spoonful of horseradish has been proven to be very effective in relieving nasal pressure. It is also helpful in reducing allergies.

7. Buy Over The Counter Prescription

Medication such as expectorants, antihistamines and antibiotics can be purchased from the pharmacies to offer relief from sinus pressure. Expectorants do this by clearing the clogged sinus by expelling the mucus built up in the nose. This offers immediate relief to the person. Other drugs include nasal sprays which contain decongestants. These can be applied directly to nasal membranes to constrict blood vessels in order to provide instant sinus pressure relief to the sufferer.

8. Acupressure Treatment

It is known to be very effective in dealing with sinus pressure and other sinus related problems. When pressure is applied to the pressure points around the head, it can aid to push mucus buildup out of the sinus cavity thus bringing the much needed relief from sinus pressure.

9. Adequate Rest

Getting enough rest and sleep can help to relieve sinus pressure. When sleeping, just ensure that your head is elevated to avoid congestion.

10. Eat Spicy Foods

This can turn out to be very helpful since spicy foods such as red hot chili peppers contain capsaicin which promotes proper drainage in the nasal passages by increasing secretions. This provides sinus pressure relief.

Other Useful Tips

  • Do not over rely on medication for sinus pressure relief because it could lead to serious side effects.
  • Do try to manage the condition with simple home remedies.
  • Be proactive not reactive. Avoid allergens that trigger sinusitis problem such as smoke, food allergens and dust instead of trying to cure the condition later.
  • Do practice good oral health in order to prevent sinus pressure.
  • Do not sleep flat on your back as this can cause sinus congestion.
  • Do yoga exercises so as to reduce ones risk of getting sinus pressure.
  • Always try to avoid oral constriction medicine if you suffer from conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease or hypertension as the constriction of blood vessels in these conditions can make the problem worse.
  • Do allergy skin tests to identify what you are allergic to. If the results are positive, you can decide to be getting regular injections to desensitize the immune system against the allergens involved.
  • Do place the mattress in a specially made zippered mattress case which will serve to insulate you from the dust mites and mattress dust. These can easily be purchased from the stores or online.
  • Do a quick test in order to ascertain that you are allergic to dust: place your nose close to a bare mattress and see how your body reacts. In case you are allergic, you will experience symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, difficulty in breathing, sinus congestion and so on.
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