10 Ways to Get Rid Of the Flu Fast and Naturally

Flu infection can make you restless. You will hardly concentrate after you have been infected with flu. Influenza, which is also referred to as flu is a contiguous respiratory illness. It is caused by influenza A or B viruses. The viruses which cause flu affect the body by spreading through the respiratory tract. The disease is common in winter.

In order to avoid the effects of flu, such as failing to show up in your place of work, you should learn natural way which you can use to get rid of flu as fast as possible. There are many ways you can use to get rid of the virus which cause flu; it is upon you to choose one which you will easily apply.

1. Eat Fruits Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very effective in getting rid of the viruses from affecting your respiratory system. This is why you will find many over the counter medications which can be used to get rid of the flu are enriched with vitamin C. In order to treat the infection naturally, you should make an effort of increasing your intake of vitamin C. You will easily increase the intake of vitamin C through drinking fruit juices made out of fruits. You can blend fruits rich in vitamin C and drink after every meal.

2. Drink Warm Water With Lemon

You will easily get rid of toxins from your body through hydrating the body. After you develop a cold or flu, you should increase your water intake. It can be hard for you to drink a lot of cold water, but you will easily increase water intake after you warn the water to room temperature. Lemon juice in the water will fight bacterial infection in your throat hence speeding up your recovery process. You can warm water and have it in your room so that you will drink it more often in a day to get rid of the infection.

3. Warm Salt Water Rinse

You can get rid of virus and bacterial particles from your nose after you rinse the nose with warm water and salt. Just make a mixture of warm water and salt. You can use a pinch of bicarbonate mixed in a cub of warm water. With the help of a bulb syringe you can squirt the water into your affected nose. After you have squirted the water, try to apply finger pressure one nostril as you apply the salt water into the other nose. You can repeat the process three times in a day to get rid of flu naturally.

get rid of flu fast and naturally

4. Stay Warm And Rested

Rest will make your body concentrate its energy in fighting the infection. You can make your room warm if it is during winter and relax on your couch. Even if you have a lot to do, take some time to relax in a warm environment so that you will have your immune system focused towards getting rid of the root cause of the infection.

5. Gargle Warm Salt Water

Flu can lead to sore throat; you will easily moisten the sore throat by gargling warm water. Take a glass of warm water and add a teaspoon of salt. You can gargle several times in day to get rid of the dry throat. You can as well use tea for flu to get rid of the infection. Other gargles you can use include honey, cayenne and sage. Using slightly antiseptic gargles will help you in getting rid of viruses and bacteria which can make your condition worse if left unattended. Honey is a natural anti-bacteria which will really help you in getting rid of infection from your throat.

6. Drink Hot Liquids

Hot liquids are very helpful in reliving nasal congestion. They also play a great role in soothing uncomfortable and inflamed membranes as well as preventing dehydration of the body. If you have been congested to an extent where you cannot sleep at night, you can drink a cup of hot herbal tea. You can add one teaspoon of honey to the cup of hot herbal tea so that it will taste. If you can access about 25ml of bourbon or whisky, you can add to the hot herbal tea and honey for you to get rid of virus infection on your throat and respiratory system which is making you uncomfortable. You should try and limit your alcohol intake because too much can inflame the membranes.

7. Take A Steamy Shower

You will achieve a relaxing and moisturizing effect after you take a steamy shower. This can play a great role in helping you get rid of irritation and congestion in your nasal passages. If the flu has really disturbed you, you can run a steamy shower while you are seated in a chair nearby. This will allow you to inhale the steam which will help in getting rid of the flu infection.

8. Use Mentholated Cream Under Your Nose

You will easily repair the damaged skin under your nose if you will apply mentholated cream. The cream is also very effective in helping you open breathing passages. Menthol, camphor and eucalyptus have mild numbing ingredients which will be very helpful in easing pain associated with flu infection. You will just apply the cream at the base of your nostril so that you will inhale it. Just apply a small amount and inhale the vapor produced so that you will get rid of the infection.

get rid of flu

9. Make A Green Smoothie

You can use anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial ingredients to make a smoothie which will help you in getting rid of flu infection. The smoothie will help you in killing microorganisms along your throat hence making it easy for you to get rid of the infection. You can prepare smoothies such as pineapple and kale smoothies. Other ingredients which you can have include a rib of celery, parsley, cilantro, peeled lemon and ginger.

10. Eat Infection-Fighting Foods

There are some foods which are very effective in fighting infection. They include bananas, peppers, blueberries, carrots, chili peppers, onion, mustard and horseradish. You can make a habit of eating the foods in your regular diet to prevent infection rather than waiting till you start treating yourself.

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