6 Ways To Get Rid Of Tickle In Throat

We all at one point or the other have faced the problem of tickle in the throat which seems to be a small problem at first and becomes prominent when starts showing up frequently. There is not much one can do with the constant itching and feeling to scratch the throat from inside which increases the irritation and even swallowing for multiple times does not seem to treat it.

What makes it even worse is the itching with cough. Tickling throat with cough is a variation of dry cough.

The causes of tickly throat are as follows:

1. Sinusitis

2. Infection from dry air

3. Common cold

4. Postnasal drip

5. Smoking weed and tobacco

6. After suffering from bronchitis

7. Tuberculosis

8. Lung cancer

9. Singing

10. Allergies and asthma

These are the common and mild conditions which can cause tickle in the throat. Some other causes are cold or flu which causes the throat to go dry with the viruses getting transferred from hand to mouth and to throat thus causing irritation. These are common and should get cured in a weeks’ time.

However, if you have low immunity, the infection may affect your respiratory system and the infected tract produces mucus which in turn triggers cough and itching. Cold air is equally responsible for tickle in the throat. Some serious causes can be allergies which can affect you with sneezing, runny nose and tickly throat. The main cause in such allergies is the postnasal drip.

Asthma could be a cause of your tickle problem if you have persistent cough and difficulty in breathing. One should see a doctor if such conditions are noticed. Some people experience cough and irritation in early pregnancy too. This is obvious because the immune system goes low while you are pregnant and the cold and dry air resulting in cough with tickling but gets cured in two-week time in most of the cases. Singers can also experience throat problems which is simply because of dryness in throat and can be treated with home remedies.

You may be experiencing the problem if you have recently quit smoking. The smoke and tobacco filters air in your throat and makes it dry resulting in a scratch kind of feeling. This can be troublesome especially in the night because your protection lining of thin air in the throat are completely destroyed by smoke and chemicals in tobacco.

tickle in throat

Let us check out some simple remedies to cure throat infection and tickling problem

1. Lemon And Honey Tea To Get Rid Of Tickle In Throat

One of the simplest remedy with easily available ingredients in your homes is juice of a lemon extracted and mixed with two spoons of honey. Sipping this mixture throughout the day can work very fast in cases like early pregnancy infections, cold and flu or post-surgery tickle in throat.

2. Warm Water And Salt Gargles

The oldest and scientifically proved remedy is to add salt to a glass of warm water and gargling twice or thrice a day in case of dry cough, cold and allergies because it cures the inflammation. This can help resolve the irritation in throat.

3. Drinking Warm Water To Get Rid Of Tickle In Throat

Along with the gargles, if one drinks warm water throughout the day when experiencing cough and throat infections, there are chances the immunity increases and viruses are killed with warm water and hence acts as a medicine. Enough warm water intake especially before your bed time will surely give relief from tickle in the throat.

4. Aloe Vera Juice To Get Rid Of Tickle In Throat

Aloe Vera has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which can cure dry cough and irritation. If you cut the aloe Vera plant and extract its juice and drink it once a day, the inflammation will be cured over time.

5. Ginger Tea To Get Rid Of Tickle In Throat

We all have eaten cough drops which are made of ginger. Ginger has healing and soothing properties which cure the dry cough which shows up especially at night. Drinking tea with ginger is a simple and easy home remedy for your cold and flu issues.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar To Get Rid Of Tickle In Throat

Apple cider vinegar with warm water is an excellent medicine for removing throat infections, dry throat and thus the tickling feeling. Warm water with few drops of apple cider vinegar and honey should be used for gargling twice a day and one can experience the effect in few days of regular use.

7. Keeping Head Elevated

While sleeping, elevated head position can help a lot in curing the tickle in throat. This is because during the day, the mucus and postnasal drip gets swallowed easily but when you sleep it backs up and causes irritation in throat. Keeping the head elevated will avoid this back up and give you relief.

8. Clean Bedding

Cleanliness is a key to everything. It gets you rid of dead skin, dust particles, mites and other germs which can cause allergies. This is more of a preventive measure which won’t allow allergies to worsen into conditions like sore throat and cough.

However, one must see a doctor if the throat infection is combined with high fever or chronic pain in the chest and throat, ears and lasts for several weeks. In conditions where you already have health problems, you should avoid spicy, oily food or even sweets and chocolates especially before bed time. One should also involve fluids filled fruits like melons, papaya, guava, apples, pear which help increase immunity. Apart from a balanced diet, regular exercise and sleeping habits help regulating your body functions and increase immunity thus controlling any viruses and diseases from affecting you.

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