6 Ways To Get Rid Of Upper Abdominal Pain

Upper abdominal pain can make your life very difficult. Sometimes, it is hard to tell what the cause of the pain is. Upper abdominal pain can start at a bad time. This pain can prevent you from doing the things that you need to do. The pain can prevent you from working.

The pain can make you very uncomfortable. That is why you have to do everything you can to ensure that the pain goes away. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do when you want to get rid of upper right abdominal pain. Here are 6 ways to get rid of upper abdominal pain:

1. Have A Sit

Upper abdominal pain can begin when you least expect. When this happens, the first thing that you should do is take a sit. If you were doing something that you consider as important, you will have no choice but take a break. This is because things are likely to get worse if you continue with what you were doing. Sometimes, you can make the pain can go away just by sitting. If you continue causing disturbance by moving around, it will be very difficult for you to get rid of the upper left or upper left abdominal pain.

2. Do Not Eat Or Drink Anything

Sometimes, you may start feeling upper abdominal pain after eating. The best thing to do is to stop eating. Most people rush to take fluids when they feel abdominal pain. This is something that you should not do if you want the pain to go away as fast as possible. Even if you were not eating or drinking anything before the pain started, try to stay away from food until the pains subsides. You can go back to eating whatever you like when the pain finally goes away.

3. Try To Massage Your Stomach

When you find a nice place to sit, you should try to massage your stomach gently. Massaging your stomach can really help to make the pain go away fast. Things will even be better if there is someone around you who can massage you. Be gentle when massaging your upper abdominal area. The best way to do it is applying pressure to the area that is painful in a circular motion. The massage should continue until the pain subsides. Do not apply to much pressure on the area.

upper abdominal pain

4. Take An Antacid

You may be feeling pain in your upper abdomen area because of the buildup of too much acid in your stomach. An antacid will help you neutralize this acid. There are many over the counter antacids that you can take. If you are not sure which antacid you should order, you should not hesitate to ask the pharmacist for advice. If the pain is being caused by excess high levels of acid in your stomach, you will feel better a few minutes after taking the antacid.

5. Take A Warm Bath Or Shower

If you usually suffer from upper abdominal pain after a long day of work, it is probably because of the stress that you have had throughout the day. A warm bath or shower will help you relax. Relaxation may be all you need to stop the pain. A warm bath or shower helps to calm down your organs and mind, something that will definitely help to make you feel better. There are many people who suffer from abdominal pain because their bodies are reacting to the stressful days they have had.

6. Take A Mixture Of Water, Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey

This recipe has been used by many people for many years. It is very effective if you want to get rid of upper abdominal pain or pain in part of your abdomen. To make an effective recipe, you have to mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a table spoon of honey with a glass of water. Make sure that you mix all them thoroughly. It will not take long for you to start feeling better when you take this recipe.

Other Useful Tips

  1. Eat a serving of pineapples or papaya. These fruits contain enzymes that can help to relieve stomach pain.
  2. Drink carbonated water.
  3. Consume probiotics and fermented foods.
  4. Try to get some sleep.
  5. Try putting a hot compress gently on your abdomen.
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