10 Ways To Get Rid Of Internal Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, which are also referred to as piles are, in fact, inflated veins surrounding the anal opening. They can cause a great deal of pain in case they linger for a considerable period of time. Itching as well as bleeding during the movement of bowels are usually the primary symptoms of internal hemorrhoids.

Fortunately, you will find lots of home remedies to treat internal hemorrhoids. Here are 10 important remedies that will help you to get rid of internal hemorrhoids fast.

1) Soak The Inflamed Area

Many individuals who are suffering from internal hemorrhoids are aware of the fact that it can be quite beneficial to soak in warm water particularly when it is starting to feel really itchy and painful. Warm water will be capable of relaxing the inflamed region so that individuals are able to feel comfortable. Remember to dry the spot later on and you must also do this gently so that the afflicted region does not get inflamed once again.

2) Be More Hygienic

Often the main reason for suffering from internal hemorrhoids is that the individual is not hygienic enough. There is always a huge possibility for that area to become infected in case it is always revealed to dirt. Make it a point to have a shower every single day and also keep the region clean and dry such that the condition does not worsen any further.

3) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is yet another useful remedy which helps to get rid of internal hemorrhoids. However, it is important to bear in mind that you should not put just about any brand of the vinegar on the afflicted region. You should always try to use natural apple cider vinegar which will give better results. The usage of this remedy will depend on the nature of hemorrhoids that one is suffering from. For those who are struggling with internal hemorrhoids, it is prudent to consume 1 teaspoon of the vinegar twice a day. In case one is not able to withstand the vinegar’s taste alone, he or she should try to include something else in order to make it tastier.

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4) Aloe Vera

We all know that Aloe Vera is responsible for the development of our hair, but studies have proven that this remedy can also be used for curing internal hemorrhoids. All you need to do is consume 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera on a regular basis. This will help the stools to become softer. However, sometimes the consumption of this substance can lead to some physical conditions. For example, there are some individuals who suffer from discomfort in their stomachs after some time. These people should refrain from using aloe vera.

5) Psyllium Seed Husks

Psyllium Seed contains a large amount of fiber. We all know that fiber is able to make the stools softer so that it can pass easily on the anus which will help to relieve the pain as well as bleeding caused by hard stools. One can easily purchase Psyllium seeds from the local drug stores as well as specialty stores.

6) Vitamin E Capsule

Sometimes some people are in the habit of placing a capsule of vitamin E on the affected area of the anus for the purpose of relieving the symptoms caused by internal hemorrhoids. This gel capsule is pricked or pressed so that the vitamin can stop the irritation immediately. Implementing this method daily will help to dehydrate as well as make the internal hemorrhoids must smaller.

7) Witch Hazel

Although sometimes we underestimate the power of this particular remedy, witch hazel can be very effective for internal hemorrhoids. Typically one must place the witch hazel on the afflicted region which will help to reduce the pain and also the itching. Regular usage of witch hazel will assist in shrinking the hemorrhoids so that they vanish eventually.

8) Cold Compress

At times, it is confusing to individuals whether they should use a cold compress or a hot compress on the infected area. However, it is important to bear in mind that warm water is going to function better for cleaning the area whereas a cold compress is usually more effective when it comes to relieving the pain caused by the condition. Apart from this, it is also possible to shrink the hemorrhoids by using cold compress.

9) Using A Mixture Of Essential Oils

It is recommended to have all the natural oils while selecting those that are going to be mixed in. Some of the popular essential oils that can be used are almond, rosemary and lavender although you will still find other oils on the market. Apply the oils regularly to the internal hemorrhoids till the time arrives when these hemorrhoids will start to shrink and also it will be less uncomfortable as well as less painful.

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10) Cayenne Pepper

The usage of paper is not recommended for individuals who are struggling with internal hemorrhoids; however, it is not the same case for cayenne pepper. It is imperative to place the stuff on a cup of water and one must do it regularly till the hemorrhoids cease to bleed.

Major dos and don’ts

The Dos:

1.) Take medications

Although medications are not able to cure prolapsed internal hemorrhoids, it can do enough to lessen the pain as well as discomfort caused by the condition. Most of the time, individuals are in the habit of using medications whenever they are not able to function properly due to the pain.

2.) Undergo surgery

Often surgery is the only way to treat internal hemorrhoids and give relief to the patient. However, it is usually the last step that must be taken by the doctor.

3.) Use ointments

Ointments can be easily purchased from various drug stores as well as licensed pharmacies. However, it is essential to bear in mind that these ointments must not be used very often since they are usually very strong.

The Don’ts

1.) Don’t hold in stools

Some individuals feel that it is quite easy to hold in stools just like holding pee; however, the anus can be affected in a bad way particularly if it is done frequently. If a person waits for a long time before letting out the stools, the stools will only become harder. It is quite difficult to remove these stools from the body when they become hard.

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