10 Ways To Pop Your Ears

It is common for the people to get their ear blocked. One can have this problem due to certain conditions such as the traveling, cold, sinus, pressure difference in the middle ear, and wax buildup. It is not a harmful health condition and it has nothing to do with the hearing. You just feel some blockage in your ear and try to unblock your ears.

Anyone of all the age group can have the blocked ears. You can simply get rid of it by ear popping. But how do you pop your ears? Do you want to know how to make your ears pop? If yes, then consider the following ten ways to know how to pop your ears.

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is an effective way to get your ears to pop. You can use the olive oil to soften the ear wax and to remove it easily. For the treatment, gently warm the olive oil. And put that warm oil into your ear by a dropper. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes so that the earwax will be soft. Now you can remove the soften earwax with the ear bud. Make sure that you are doing it gently. Otherwise, it can hurt your delicate skin.

2. Warm Compress

Warm compress is useful for the blocked ears and it will be more helpful for the sinus and cold congestion. The heat will loosen the congestion, ease the pain, and unclog the ear. Soak a clean cloth in the warm water, squeeze the excess water and then hold that cloth to the affected ear for about five minutes. This is very helpful to promote the fluid drainage and to relax your ear.

pop your ears

3. Valsalva Maneuver

Valsalva maneuver can help you to get rid of the blocked ears. It can give you relief from the pain and stuffiness. It is a simple process. Close your mouth and close the nostrils with the fingers, then take a deep breath. Now exhale the air that will pop your ear. This exercise can help you in a great way to unblock the ears if you practice it correctly. Remember that you have to exhale slowly without putting any extra pressure. If you put the pressure, it will be harmful to the ear drum.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

A good combination of the apple-cider vinegar and alcohol can help you to pop the ear. Make a solution of the equal amounts of the vinegar and alcohol. And put this solution in your affected ear by a dropper. You can also place a ball of cotton in the year so that the solution will not spill out from the ear. Allow the mixture to soften the earwax. After then ten minutes, you can use an ear bud to remove the earwax.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is very effective to pop the ears if is blocked by the wax accumulation. You can directly put the two drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide in your affected ear. You can hear the fizzing after a couple of minutes. Wait for five to ten minutes until the fizzing completely stops. Now you can tilt your head to drain out the earwax. Always avoid using excess amounts that can harm your ear drum.

6. Steam

We all know that steam is effective for the blocked ears. It is also the simplest way to pop the ear if is blocked as the result of sinus infection. This steam can help to loosen and thin the mucus that will ultimately give you relief from the blocked ears. Steam is helpful for any types of the ear blocking. To pop the ear, take hot steaming water in a larger bowl, you can add a 4-5 drops of the lavender oil or tea tree oil to make it more effective. Cover your head with a towel. Now you can inhale that steam slowly to unblock the ear.

7. Yawning

Yawning is also helpful to pop your ear. That can decrease the air pressure and can activate the muscles as well. You can simply open your mouth and try to yawn and keep trying until you feel a pop inside the air. Try to repeat this until you get some relief and start hearing. If you want to do the yawning naturally, then stop breathing for a couple of minutes. You will feel like yawning. Looking at others who is yawning can also make you yawning.

8. Warm Water

Warm water can also help you to unblock your ear. You can just fill an ear syringe with warm water. And insert that syringe into your ear opening. And force the warm water into your ear canal. This gentle force can help to dislodge the wax. Leave it for fifteen minutes. Now you can tilt your head to remove the water and earwax. That will come easily.

9. Chewing

Chewing can help you to, pop your ears. If it is blocked as the result sudden change in the air pressure, nothing can help more than the chewing gums. If you chew the gums, it will open the Eustachian tubes, and will relieve the excess pressure in your ears. That will ultimately pop your ears. You can choose the food while eating. If you are not eating, you can simply chew a gum. In fact, you can just simply depict like chewing.

10. Gargle

Gargle is effective for the nasal congestion and throat infection; it can also help you to pop your ears. For the ear popping, take a glass of warm water and mix one tablespoon of the salt into it. Now you can gargle with this water for five minutes. You can repeat this process to make it more helpful.

Additional Tips To Pop Your Ear:

  • You can use swallow to make your ears pop.
  • Use nasal sprays for ear popping.
  • Avoid sleeping.
  • You can take a hot shower to pop your ear.
  • Use your finger to pop your ear.
  • You can use an ear popper for your ear popping.
  • Avoid the dairy products as that will worsen the condition.
  • Drink water to pop your ears.
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