10 Home Remedies For Dog Allergies

If you have a dog and he is prone to the allergies then you might be having difficulties. It is a terrible thing to see your dog suffering from the allergies. The bad thing is that dog’s allergies are incapacitating. It can be more painful and irritating without proper treatment.

Some of the symptoms of the dog allergies are red eyes, itchy skin, itchy feet, red spots, and discharges from the eyes and noses. If you notice any of them consider treating your dog as soon as possible. You can give your dog proper medicines or try some available home remedies. Below are the ten remedies for dog allergies. You can try any of them to treat your dog naturally.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Skin allergies in dogs are common. If you find that your dog is uncomfortable and itchy skin then consider the home treatment. You might notice that your pet is scratching or licking his paws. You can find some spots as the result of the scratching. To treat the skin allergies, fill the apple cider vinegar in a clean spray bottle and spray the vinegar directly on the affected area. This is very effective for the skin allergies. This will take twenty-four hours to be dried up. If your dog has a runny nose, liquid cough, and water discharge from his eyes, then add one teaspoon of the vinegar in his food twice in a day until the symptoms are gone completely.

2. Herbal Topical

Herbal topical is also very useful to get rid of dog allergies. If you feel that your dog is suffering from the allergies and it is causing him to scratch a lot then you can consider the herbal topical to offer immediate relief from the itching and irritation. Some of the well-known herbs for the dog allergies are peppermint, rose bark, juniper, and chamomile. You can directly apply these specific herbs on the affected skin. Notice the improvements. If required, you can repeat it.

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3. Proper Diet

If your dog has loss of appetite and he is vomiting then he might be suffering from the food allergies. Some dogs are allergic to the preservative foods. If your dog is having preservative foods then consider replacing with natural and homemade foods. Homemade foods are known as the best dog food for allergies. If you do not see the improvement within the forty-eight hours then it is better to take the help of a veterinary. That might be the sign of some more serious disease.

4. White Vinegar

If your dog has ear infections due to the allergies, you can try white vinegar to treat it naturally. If you notice a nasty smell from your dog’s ear, some brown pink ear wax, and a lot of scratching and irritation then this is the indication that your dog is suffering from allergies. To treat the allergies, you can simply put a tiny amount of the white vinegar inside the ear of your pet. Massage the area gently and clean the outer ear with a cotton ball. This treatment is safe and can cure the ear allergies.

5. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is the best way to avoid the allergies and to cure the allergies naturally. If your dog is prone to allergies then it is better to bathe your dog more frequently. You can follow the seven to ten days practice. By doing so, the dog will not come to contact with the allergens. And it also can remove the allergens during the bath. Bathing is helpful for many types of the dog allergies.

6. Vitamin E

If your dog has a skin allergy, you can consider using vitamin E to improve the condition. You can simply apply the Vitamin E oil on the affected area directly or can add some Vitamin oil in the bathing water. This treatment will not help your dog to get rid of the allergies; this is also considered good for improving the skin conditions.

7. Yogurt

Yogurt is considered the best dog food for allergies. Like the humans, the yogurt keeps the allergens away from your stomach by maintaining a balance of the good bacteria. You can give yogurt to your dog even if he is on the antibiotic. It speeds up the healing process. Puppies are prone to the allergies. You can offer them yogurt as the snack to protect them from the bacteria and allergens. Yogurt is also helpful to develop the immune power of the dogs and puppies.

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8. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is very effective for the skin allergies in dogs. Mix oatmeal in the warm water and leave it for fifteen minutes to soak. Then bath your dog in that water. Your dog will get immediate relief from the skin irritation and itching. If required, you can repeat the practice.

9. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is useful for the food allergies. It can also cure skin allergies. For the skin allergies, you can just apply the tea directly on the affected area. Your dog will get instant relief from the pain, itching, and irritation. For the food allergies, you can include the tea in your dog’s diet.

10. Epsom Salt

If your dog has skin allergies then you can use Epsom salt to treat it naturally and effectively. A bath in warm water with the Epsom salt can speed up the healing process and can help your dog to get rid of the swelling, irritation, and itching. Follow this practice twice in a day to get the better results.

Additional Tips To Get Rid Of The Dog Allergies:

  • Maintain a clean and fresh environment.
  • Protect your dog from the allergens.
  • Give a bath to your pet on a regular basis.
  • Offer your dog homemade foods instead of the preservatives.
  • Follow a healthy diet for your pet.

All the above home remedies are effective and can give relief to your dog from the allergies. But if you do not notice any improvement within forty- eight hours after applying any of the above home remedies then consider taking the help of the veterinary to avoid any further complication. The symptoms of the allergies might be the indication of some other disease. Hence, it needs immediate attention to cure successfully and completely.

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