10 Ways To Get Rid Of A Pimple On Your Lip Fast

Pimples are never admirable. At least not around the lips! In a quest to get rid of the pimples, one key step is to really know the difference between a normal lip pimple and a cold sore. The two look kind of alike but caused and treated differently. Normal pimples are very simple and not as painful as cold sores.

The treatment of lip pimples is not very involving and is in most cases mainly made up of home remedies. Here are the ten ways to get rid of a pimple on your lip fast;

1.) Balanced Diet With Adequate Water

For pimple breakouts to be dealt with and future occurrences avoided, one needs a diet rich in zinc, vitamin A and E and magnesium. Food products rich in these should be taken regularly if fast recovery is the main goal. For example, retinol is a good remedy as it got plenty of Vitamin A. Caffeine in the diet is a major cause of the illness and should be avoided at all costs . The patient should drink enough water as well.

2.) Avoid Squeezing Or Popping the Pimples

Squeezing out a pimple may be very tempting for those who want to get rid of them fast-though it’s the worst thing a person may think of in an attempt to treating pimples. Whenever any form of pimple is popped, be it on or around the lips, the situation normally turns from bad to worse since this only spreads the causative bacteria around the lips and other facial areas and soon. Solution: Do not pop pimples under any circumstances.

3.) Proper Choice Of Lip Make Up

Pimples in most cases normally show up when air pores are clogged. Some of the makeup applied on the lips may result into this unfortunate situation. Careful selection of whatever you apply on your face is thus an important aspect in the treatment and prevention of the pimples. ‘Light’ makeup with little in the way of pigment is recommended. Coconut oil should be avoided while olive oil and panthenol are good for lip makeup. The two also do not irritate.

For treatment purposes, Kiehl’s Light Lip Gloss is recommended. The lipsticks used should never be ones that can attract dust or any form of dirt to the lips as this would result in clogging.

how to get rid of pimple on lip

4.) Exfoliation And Proper Lip Cleaning

The lips should be regularly scrubbed to ensure zero deposition of any dead cells that normally cause pimples. Natural, homemade and commercial lip exfoliators are readily available. Exfoliation should be carried out as regularly as tooth brushing .Ensure that you do it gently.

5.) Herbs To Get Rid Of A Pimple On Your Lip

Eucalyptus, castor oils, neem and basil are among the best known herbal remedies for the eruption of pimples. These help when directly applied to the affected regions at consistent intervals.

6.) Remedy From Foods Rich In Alpha Hydroxyl Acids

This is a perfect home remedy which involves use of foods such as citrus fruits for example, oranges, grapes and apples which are known for their alpha hydroxyl acids composition. These foods have been proven to be good in opening clogged pores as well as getting rid of dead skins around the lips hence minimizing chances of pimple development.

7.) Stress Avoidance To Get Rid Of A Pimple On Lip

Stress is of no doubt one of the greatest enemies to the progress of human health. So many cells die during this time hence a lot of dead skin is left all over the lips. The result is a gaunt appearance and in the long term, the lips start chapping and pimples erupt.

8.) Face Care Products To Get Rid Of A Pimple On Lip

Whenever the lip pimple surfaces, do not blame it entirely on your lipstick or other lip makeup for it may as well be caused by the face care products you use. The face soaps, lotions and other washes should also be varied when treating the lip pimples for they have in most cases also been found to be a major cause of the problem. Face cleansers such as tea tree oil, lavender oil and even the arctium lappa are known to be the best for avoiding or eradicating the most stubborn pimples.

how to get rid of a pimples on your lip

9.) Compresses (Both Hot And Cold)

Hot compresses are a perfect home remedy for lip pimples. This is very effective especially when the lip has swollen and the pimple kind of hurts. A soft piece of cloth soaked in warm water used to soothe the pimple is the remedy here. This helps in reducing the size of the swell and well mitigates the pain. In some cases especially due to allergies in some people, cold compresses may also help.

10.) Good hygiene around the lips and anti-acne products.

Lips should always be clean. The myth that walking around with greasy lips after a meal is a sign of great ‘health’ remains a misconception and the results could be worse than the anticipated gain’. Properly clean your lip line after greasy meals characterized by large fat contents.

Salicylic acid toner is good in doing this and all one need to do is soak a pad in it to thoroughly clean the lips.

For reappearing pimples, anti-acne products are recommended. These are readily available in the market alongside other medicated mouthwashes. Avoid using soap while washing your lips.

Frequent licking of lips to keep them clean only worsens the situation and should be avoided while ensuring the general surrounding that may get in contact with the lips such as bed covers and mobile phones are kept clean on an always-basis.

Other Tips To Deal With Lip Pimples:

  • It is easy watching a pimple on your lips and keeping from popping it is close to an impossibility. For a pop, don’t do it so early. One should wait until the yellow or white pimple head appears and the process should be gentle after a hot compress.
  • See a dermatologist whenever you feel the problem is getting out of hand and inform them of any remedies you are on.
  • The pimples should not be irritated as this may make them painful.If possible,touch them only when applying remedies and let them recuperate on their own.101
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