10 Ways to Get Rid Of Bruises Fast and Naturally

Due to knocking yourself against hard objects, you can end up developing bruises. The bruises are as a result of broken blood vessels in your skin. The vessels break up hence making the skin appear red but the skin itself does not break. Due to the fact that the skin was not broken during the harm, it does not release blood from the broken vessels hence making it appear red.

Bruises can be categorized into three categories. They include light bruises, moderate bruises and basic bruises. Light bruises are easy to treat but moderate and basic bruises will tend to be hard when trying to get rid of them. There are several natural remedies which you can try to speed up the process of spreading blood from the affected areas hence getting rid of the bruises.

1. Massage Using Ice

If you have been affected with bruises, you can easily get rid of them through applying ice massage. Ice numbs the area as well as reducing blood flow hence reducing the pain caused by bruises. The treatment is very easy to apply, just place crushed ice cubes in a plastic bag then massage on the affected area. You will be required to apply the ice on the affected area for about 15 minutes after which you will achieve great results in your process of trying to get rid of the bruises. You should avoid applying ice cubes directly to the skin because they can burn the skin. You should use a cloth or plastic bag to cover the skin before you apply the massage.

2. Arnica

Arnica is very effective in decreasing swelling as well as getting rid of bruises. It can also be used to treat inflammation, sprain among other complications. It can treat wounds in different parts of your body. It can treat bruises within few hours of application. This is why you will see many athletes carrying it in their survival units. Arnica herb can be applied gently on the areas affected with bruises. The herb is poisonous hence you should always avoid swallowing it.

3. Use Vinegar with Warm Water

Vinegar is very helpful in breaking blood cells which have formed cloths on the affected area. Through increasing blood flow to the affected area, it speeds up the recovery process. You will be required to mix vinegar with warm water and massage on the affected area. You can apply several times in a day for you to achieve quick relief.


4. Massaging Essential Oil

Conditions like bruises can be eliminated through application of essential oils. The application of essential oils helps in getting rid of the bruises in several ways. For example, it will help in separating blood coagulation in the affected areas. It enhances blood flow in the affected area hence speeding up the recovery process. The oil also helps in calming the area affected with the bruises. They also help in reducing swelling which will make your area affected with bruises recover within the shortest time possible. You will need a mixture of lavender, geranium, lemon grass, cypress, fennel, frankincense, rosemary and helichrysum. After mixing the oils well, you will be required to apply on the affected areas. By applying the oils twice in day you will achieve quick recovery.

5. Parsley Leaves

Parsley has vitamin K and C. This makes it very effective in fortifying the vessels as well as decreasing the pain caused by bruises. The leaves are very effective in getting rid of bruises; you will just crush them and apply on the area affected with bruises. The leaves are very effective in helping your skin recover. The vitamins will be absorbed into the skin where they will act on the vessels with clogged blood.

6. Cabbage

Cabbage is among the home remedies for bruises. It is rich in potassium which supports blood pressure. It is also rich in vitamin K and C which are very helpful in blood clothing protein production. The application process is very easy, just take edges of cabbage leaves and immerse them in hot water after which you will apply them on the affected area.

7. Watercress

Watercress is an herb which can be used as an ointment for bruises. It is commonly used as food salad but it has properties which make it very effective in getting rid of bruises. It has blood purifying and bruise mitigating properties. It has vitamin C and K which help in treating wounds. In order to get rid of bruises through use of the herb, you can smash few watercress leaves and spread them on the affected region. Apply twice in a day to achieve quick recovery.

8. Heat Compress

After you apply ice packs, it will restrict blood flow to the affected area. But, after 24 hours you should apply heat compress. The heat will increase blood flow to the affected area which in turn will supply necessary nutrients which will speed up the recovery process. You can warm water and dip a piece of cloth which you will then apply on the affected area with gentle compress. The warm compress will necessitate blood flow to the affected area which will make immunity cells reach the area for quick recovery.

9. Onion

Onion is among traditional remedies for bruises. It has analgesic properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties which help in getting rid of bruises. It is also very effective in treating ailments such as congestion and sprain swelling. You will have to take a raw onion and cut it into slices. You will then use the slices to apply on the affected area.

10. Blueberries

Blueberries have flavonoids and vitamin C which make them among the best remedies you can apply to get rid of bruises. They help in collagen formation as well as improving blood circulation. It helps in healing bruises without leaving scars. It strengthens capillary walls as well as rejuvenating the skin. Blueberries are rich in vitamin K and E. You will be required to include the blueberries in your morning diet for them to equip your body with necessary ingredients required to get rid of the bruises from within.

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