10 Ways to Get Rid of Pores on Nose

A flawless beauty always attracts the beholder. But somewhere the beauty gets questioned when the nose gets cropped with too many open pores. But for those who actually wish to get rid of pores on nose should nail on some best home remedies. From exfoliating to cleansing and masking, everything should be done following a particular routine. Make sure that you should be honest with your nose so that your entire beauty shines like a star.

1. Sugar And Lemon Juice

This is one of the oldest and best methods to remove pores from nose. Simply take a pinch of sugar and grind it. Add required amount of lemon juice. Mix it finely and apply the paste on your nose. Scrub it gently so that it opens the clogged pores on nose. Remember the citric acid in the lemon juice actually wipes off the debris, blackheads and oil from the nose. Thus bestows a clean and shiny nose tip.

2. Baking Soda

Sometimes, you simply hate the mirror when it directly points to those large pores on nose. Now no more worries as baking soda will give you an immediate end to the problem. It’s known antibacterial formulas not only keeps bacteria and fungus away. But expertly manages the pH level of the skin. Thus makes the pores look smaller. Just take two to three tablespoon, apply it gently with finger tips. Then wash with lukewarm water to get much cleaner and clearer nose than before.

3. Tomato

Kitchen can sometimes prove helpful, just look for a fresh ripe tomato. Cut into slice and squeeze the juice. It clears blackheads, whiteheads on nose. Additionally removes the dead skin and grease which blocks the pores. Over all, it actively cleans the impurities.

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4. Apple Cedar Vinegar

You can even apply the natural apple cedar vinegar. Loaded with the goodness of organic acids surely helps to un-obstruct the pores. Thus the acid content works to remove blackheads. On the top of that it, also acts as a best natural toner as well.

5. Yogurt

In order to clean the nose pores, you can apply yogurt. The lactic acid present in it not only tightens the pores, but also works tremendously to clear off dirt. It also kicks out the extra oil, dirt that seals the nose pores unnecessarily. Thus, purifies the pores and gives a clear look to the nose.

6. Fuller’s Earth

To fight the big pores on nose, fullers earth can work the best. The clayey material in it works to remove the inessential oils and grime. It can also be used as an exfoliator. Just take an adequate amount and exfoliate on the nose tip slowly. Then wash with lukewarm water followed by cold water. Once done, moisturize it to get a smooth nose tip.

7. Papaya

You should know that papaya can work wonder on the overall skin. But when it is about removing the clogs, undoubtedly it acts the best. The enzyme called Papain present in it helps to remove the impurities. Obviously it helps to get rid of the unnecessary dirt, debris, and oil. In order to use it, simply cut a papaya into pieces, then smash it to get the pulp or else you can directly apply the slices on the nose tip.

8. Orange And Pineapple Juice

Both orange and pineapple are known for their acidic properties. The ascorbic acid in it throws off the pollutants and dirt from the pores. To unlock the pores, you should add equal drops of orange juice as well. Remember both of these are quite capable of keeping the pores away from dirt.

9. Honey And Egg White

When you sit to make the list of the best natural remedies to treat clogged pores, then do not miss out honey and egg white. Either, iust use generous amount of raw form of honey on the nose pores. Leave it for ten minutes, then wash it with lukewarm water. Else to get extra benefit, make sure to add egg white as well. Both of these works to prevent accumulation of dirt and oil in the pores. Thus, it not only reduces the size, but also firms and tones the over all skin as well.

10. Milk And Gram Flour

Again you can try out this as well. Just add gram flour to it. Make a smooth paste. You can use this twice to thrice in a week. Just make sure to apply it and scrub delicately over the nose tip to get rid of the blackheads naturally.

Some Important Tips To Note Down:

  1. Always use a soft tissue paper to absorb the excess oil or sebum from the nose. Use it all through out the day.
  2. No doubt scrubbing is necessary to get rid of dead skin cells. But that does not mean that you will overdo. This is because it will irritate and corrode the skin surface.
  3. Try to touch your nose as well as the entire face with a clean hand. But make it a point that you should not touch it often. This is to prevent the sheltering of bacteria and oil.
  4. Make sure that you should follow a steaming method at least once to twice as week.
  5. If you love to do make up, then make sure to put it off before going to bed. Do it religiously because it might block the pores and let the oil accumulate there. Additionally leads to the formation of acne which leads to clogged pores.
  6. Make it a point to clear your hair regularly. Unclean hair can lead to dandruff which breeds all kind of skin problem. As a result you also suffer from clogged nose pores.
  7. You can also sprinkle cold water on the face. It helps to seal the nose pores. At the same time shrinks the pores and additionally tones it.

Hope these useful home remedies will help you get a desired skin with no recurring problem like clogged nose pores.

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