10 Ways To Get Rid Of Herpes On Lip Fast

Herpes is a common disease that occurs due to Herpes simplex virus and can happen to any part of the human body. The most affected part is obviously the lips where HSV 1 and HSV 2 leave its marks. Oral Herpes can be really painful and lead to an excessive infection. It first appears as fluid like blisters and soon creates painful sores all over the lips area.

It can also occur inside the mouth or on gums. We bring some really effective tips that will help all to get rid of herpes on lip fast. All tips are simple and trouble free to apply so to know more go through this article below.

1. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a new cool way to deal with cold sores on lips caused by Herpes Virus. Go get some organic vanilla. You will need 1 table spoon of pure vanilla extract and one clean cotton swab. First saturate the whole vanilla extract and dab the cotton pad onto this. You need to apply the vanilla saturated cotton on the affected area. Hold the cotton ball for 1 minute or so on all the sores. Do this method 5 times a day and start performing it the moment you feel the itching sensation on the lips.

2. Baking Soda

It is considered to be the oldest remedy to heal the blisters on lips caused by Herpes virus and this process is very much effective. Just take a clean cotton ball and apply fresh and dusted baking powder on the affected area. Baking powder will keep the area dry and provide you relief from constant itching. Perform this method for at least two times a day and to get the most desired result continue for one long month.

3. Milk Cleansing

Pure milk contains all the elements that can soothe a sore area and it is extremely beneficial in healing Herpes lips. You have to take 1 full cup of whole milk and a clean cotton ball. Soak the ball in 1 tbsp of milk and apply directly on the affected area on lips. You have to place the ball for several minutes to get it dry. You can heat the milk a little beat to get an instant relief from pain. Then take a damp cloth and wash off the residue from the lips. After applying this method, cover your lips with Vaseline jelly to keep it soft all the day.

herpes on lip

4. Black Coffee

Mouth herpes can get easily removed with the usage of black coffee. You just need to make black coffee and wait for some time to get it cooled. Sip on the black coffee and spread the whole juice using a Q tip to all over the lips. Use this method two times a day and you will notice the change in no time.

5. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is known for its virus curing particles and can do wonders in Lip herpes. Take one cup of clean water and dab a fresh cotton pad onto this. Then you will require dabbing the pad into fresh peppermint oil to dilute a bit of it. Apply the mixture with the help of the cotton pad and all your cold sores would get healed in no time. This is one of the most effective remedies of Lip herpes.

6. Pure Honey

Honey is one of those magical ingredients that will help one to heal many diseases. This method is the simplest of all as you just need to apply honey directly on the sore areas. Just leave the mixture for 1 long hour till it gets dried completely. Then clean of the whole lip with a soft wet clothing material. Repeat this process for at least 5 times a day to get the most effective result.

7. Aloe Vera gGel

Aloe Vera gel can fight of virus and bacteria like no one else. If you have an aloe Vera tree then break of some leaves and apply directly on the affected sore areas. If you don’t have a tree, then go to drug shops where you will get Aloe Vera gel pretty easily. Bring that home and apply the gel using a Q tip on the Herpes areas on lips. Use this every time like lip balm and leave it for as long as you can.

8. Lemon Juice

One of the most common remedies for cold sores in lips is pure lemon juice. Cut a lemon into two slices and push the open area on the herpes affected parts. Leave it for at least one hour or so and again place other fresh part for one hour. It will prevent from herpes out breaking and you will get rid of lip herpes in between 7 days.

9. Tea Bags

If you can use wet tea bags on lip herpes then you would get the best results for sure. You will need to soak the tea bag in lukewarm water for 15 minutes and then need to apply this on the affected areas of lips by herpes. You can also soak cotton pad on hot black tea and can apply the mixture on the lips. It’s inflammatory and antibacterial properties will help you reducing sore lips.

10. Ice Cubes

Take a bunch of ice cubes and apply directly on the affected areas. Rub it for at least 15 minutes and dry your lips with soft cloth. Lastly, apply petroleum jelly to leave the area soft and harmless.

Extra Quick Tips For Healing Herpes Lips:

  • As we believe in preventing than curing, we bring some cool tips to identify herpes before they surface on lips.
  • If you started to feel the burning, tingling and itching sensation on the lips, you should know that you can be a victim of lip herpes in near future. Your cold sore might be forming soon.
  • You will feel augmented salivating when lip herpes is on its way.
  • Herpes occurs due to excessive sun rays all the time. So try to apply lip balm whenever you leave from home. The lip balm should conclude SPF 15 to SPF 40 and reapply this process throughout the whole day.
  • Never share your personal items like toothbrush, utensils and beverages, razors and towels.
  • Take rest and get plenty of sleep for at least 7 hours a day to get rid of swollen lips and make your food habits healthier.
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