10 Ways To Get Rid Of Plantar Warts Fast

Plantar warts, which are also known as foot warts, are recognizable as tough growths found on the heels or balls of the feet. These warts are a common condition that is not considered medically severe, but they can be aesthetically displeasing and cause discomfort or minor pain. Although they do generally disappear without any medical intervention or self-treatment, these warts can take up to one or two years to clear completely. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of plantar warts fast with at-home treatments that do not require any type of professional medical attention.

1. Try a Freeze-Off Method

Many people get warts frozen off by a medical physician. However, the intervention of a doctor is not always needed to remove a plantar wart quickly. Most drug stores sell freeze-off kits made specifically for plantar warts that do not require any prescription and generally cost ten dollars or less. These kits work through one to three applications of a special freezing ointment approxiately every one or two weeks. These applications only take about one minute and are generally less painful than freezing treatments at a doctor’s office. Plus, they are effective at removing plantar warts within about two weeks to one month, depending on the severity of the wart.

2. Use Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is available at most drug stores without a prescription and can be extremely effective at eliminating plantar warts within a few weeks. This acid can be purchased for wart treatment in a liquid or gel form and can be applied directly to the wart one to two times per week. In order to increase the effectiveness of salicylic acid and how quickly it works to remove the wart, soak the plantar wart for fifteen to thirty minutes in warm water in order to soften it and scrape it with a file or pumice stone so that the salicylic acid is able to permeat through the wart more deeply. However, a pumice stone or file used on a plantar wart shoud be immediately discarded in order to prevent the warts from spreading.

3. Apply Duct Tape

Surprisingly, duct tape can actually be one of the most fool-proof ways to remove plantar warts quickly and painlessly. Applying duct tape tightly over a plantar wart deprives the wart of oxygen, causing it to stifle and dry out. In order to remove the wart within a few weeks, duct tape should be applied for periods of six days and the wart should be soaked and filed in between these periods.

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4. Pare with a Callus Trimmer

In many cases, a plantar wart can be immediately removed with a standard callus trimmer. Soak the wart in warm water for approximately thirty minutes to soften it before attempting to trim it. Then, use the callus trimmer to carefully pare down the wart until the skin is clear for a painless and immediate removal. Apply a Band-aid after trimming in order to protect the remnants of the wart and prevent it from regrowing or developing an infection.

5. Apply Ointment

In the case of more severe plantar warts, salicylic acid is not always a completely effective remedy. Fortunately, a stronger yet still relatively mild ointment can be applied to the wart in order to eliminate it within a period of a few weeks. Efudex is an ointment which functions to remove warts in the same way chemotherapy clears skin cancer. It can be applied directly to the wart topically every few days in order to clear the plantar wart completely.

6. Soak and File

While soaking and filing plantar warts with a nail file or pumice stone is generally used in tandem with other treatments, it can be effective in removing the wart completely in less severe cases. Simply soak the wart in hot water for approximately thirty minutes and scrape the softened skin with a pumice stone. Repeat this process as many times as it takes to scrape the wart down to the skin until it is fully eliminated.

7. Use Tea Tree Oil

Many minor plantar warts can be removed simply by applying tea tree oil. This remedy is especially useful for children or those who do not want to apply harsher acids or ointments to their skin. Start by soaking and filing the wart as directed above. Then apply tea tree oil generously to the plantar wart and the area of skin surrounding it and cover with a Band-Aid. Reapply the tea tree oil and change the Band-Aid daily until the wart is gone.

8. Use Hydrogen Peroxide

A common household ingredient, hydrogen peroxide can be purchased from any local drug store and can remove most plantar warts within one to two weeks. Liberally apply standard hydrogen peroxide to the plantar wart with a cotton ball and wait until it stops fizzing. Cover the affected area with a Band-Aid and reapply the hydrogen peroxide every day until the wart has been completely eliminated from the skin.

9. Try Nail Polish

Nail polish can remove a plantar wart quickly much the same way salicylic acid can, by depriving the wart of oxygen and drying it out over a period of a few weeks. Wash the plantar wart and the area of skin around it. Then, apply a thick coat of clear nail polish directly over the wart and cover it with a Band-Aid to keep the nail polish from rubbing off the wart. Leave the nail polish on until the wart is gone, reapplying it every few days to ensure that the thick coat remains intact.

10. Soak in Bleach

Soaking a plantar wart in about an inch of bleach can remove it within just a few days. Soak the wart in bleach for about ten to fifteen minutes, then scrub it with a file or pumice stone to wear it down. Repeat this procedure every day, and the plantar wart should be eradicated within a week or less.

Other Useful Tips To Get Rid Of Plantar Warts:

1. Plantar warts are extremely contagious. When using files, pumice stones, and callus trimmers to deal with plantar warts, discard the instruments after use or place them in boiling water for at least one hour to ensure that they will not spread the plantar warts to others who use the tools.
2. Some of the acids and ointments listed as remedies in this article can be very drying to the skin around the plantar wart. Always clean and moisturize the skin thoroughly after using these materials in order to keep it healthy and hydrated.

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