10 Ways to Get Rid Of Warts on Feet Fast

Warts are mostly caused by the infection from HPV or human papillomavirus. If you have damaged or cut skin on any part of your body and come in contact with an infected person, then your skin grows rapidly. Warts on feet are known as plantar warts which can be painful while walking.

Plantar warts on feet grow as thick, hard and dark specks on their sole. There are many remedies which you can use to remove warts on feet. Some of the remedies which can be used to get rid of warts on feet fast are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

1. Hot wWater Foot Bath

it can help in getting rid of warts on feet effectively. Most of the methods used for getting rid of plantar warts on feet work fast after softening the skin around them. It makes easier to remove warts from your feet as the area around wart pops out after hot water bath

2. Salicylic Acid Based Wart Removers

Various OTC medications used to remove warts on feet contain this ingredient which is also used to get rid of dandruff and acne etc. While using salicylic acid based medications to get rid of plantar warts you should soak your feet for at least 10-15 minutes to soften the skin. Then you can remove warts on feet by using wart cylinder, a pumice stone or a foot file.

3. Block The Wart Tumour And Its Surrounding Area

it is another effective option to get rid of planter warts on feet. Though it can be messy for you but still it is effective. You have to put a piece of duct tape slightly larger in size than wart and let it stay over there for few days. You can make this process faster by combining it with salicylic acid method discussed above. You will find that the wart has risen out of your skin after removing the tape after nearly 5-6 days. You can now remove the wart easily by softening the skin with hot water bath.

warts on feet

4. Freezing

It is another effective way to get rid of warts on feet. You can freeze plantar warts by using liquid nitrogen. You can buy a spray bottle of liquid nitrogen from the market to freeze warts at home. It will help in removing the plantar warts like blowing away crumbs of potato chips just by pressing the trigger of the bottle by placing its tip on the wart for 30 seconds only.

5. Cleanliness

You can prevent the spreading of plantar warts on feet along with getting rid of existing warts. In fact, the effect of human papillomavirus cannot be cured but its infection can be prevented to take dangerous shape through certain vaccines. Wart on feet is an infectious disease so avoid using things used by infected persons.

Natural Treatments for Plantar Warts

There are certain natural products that can be used to treat warts on feet. Brief information of these natural treatments of plantar warts on feet is given here under for your guidance.

6. Aloe Vera

It is one of the most effective natural remedies used to remove warts on feet effectively. You can also use it even without disturbing your busy schedule. You can put a piece of aloe-vera leaf split into half on the plantar wart and wrap it with an athletic tape or bandage to keep it stay in its position for several days, even while sleeping.

7. Tea Tree Oil

You can put a piece of cotton of bandage dipped in the extract from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree on your warts on feet for several days or as long as you can. The oil will kill the warts with time due to its anti-fungal and antibiotic properties. Your warts will fall automatically without any extra effort.

8. Banana And Garlic

The curative properties of both of these food items can help to remove warts on feet. You just have to rub a clove of garlic or banana peel on your plantar wart for a couple of weeks, several times a day. Between the treatments you will have to keep the treated area covered with an adhesive bandage to let the juice do its work on your wart.

warts on feet

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another natural product used for treating plantar warts on feet is ACV or apple cider vinegar. It has been used successfully for this purpose by thousands of people all over the world. Instead of killing the virus causing warts apple cider vinegar kills the warts physically by peeling it from your skin in natural manner due to its high acidic property.

10. Milk Of Milkweed

The milk of milkweed is another effective natural treatment for warts on feet. Milkweed can be found on the backyards, road sides and fields all over the world. Though milkweeds are considered as poisonous plants due to cardiac glycoside present in them but they are toxic when taken internally. Small amount of milk of milkweed is enough to treat the warts naturally.

Dos And Do Nots To Get Rid Of Warts On Feet:

  • Do keep your feet clean to avoid getting infected from the things used by an infected person.
  • Do not use freezing solution on your uninfected skin as it can be harmful for it.
  • Do visit your doctor if it takes longer to treat warts through home and natural remedies.
  • Do not use the pumice stone or nail file used for removing warts for any other purpose.
  • Do not use apple cider vinegar if you experience too much swelling or soreness on the warts on feet.
  • Do not use milk of milkweed in your eyes or internally.
  • Do not keep milk of milkweed within the reach of pets and kids as it is a poisonous substance.
  • Do clean the shower before using it if someone having warts has used it.
  • Do not use beach flip-flops as they can be used by some infected person.
  • Thus by using any of the treatments discussed in this write-up you can remove warts on feet fast.
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